Frog Fortunes Slots

Frog Fortunes Slots just rolled off the nonstop line of Real Time Gaming slot selections. This one has some of the newest features offered in slot games, and it has a lot more than just frogs. Start with 243 ways to win and five reels, but there are also added things such as a Cascading Wins Feature, a Frog Bombs Feature, Cascading Reels, and Exploding Symbols. You can place a stake as high as $150 per spin, and the big prize is 150 times whatever you wagered. Play this slot anywhere and anytime via download, for free or on mobile.

Froggy Symbols

There are some 15 symbols used in Frog Fortunes Slots, and they include a Bird, a Blue Frog Bomb, a Blue Gem, a Green Frog Bomb, a Green Gem, a Pangolin, a Pink Frog Bomb, a Pink Gem, a Red Frog Bomb, a Red Gem, a Snake, and a Turtle. The Cascading Reels commence when you spin one of the Bomb symbols or spin an exploding Frog symbol. The symbols appear in a hexagon shaped pattern.

Exploding Features

Exploding Bomb symbols can show up at any time following a spin and there are several different patterns it can take on, all of which are quite lucrative. One symbol will replace symbols destroyed by the blast. In the event of a win, new symbols will fall into place and you will enter the Cascading Reels Feature. This feature plays on until there are no more wins.