5 Wishes Slots

This is a New Age take on Aladdin. It is unlike anything you have ever seen, although it is obviously going to be a little bit familiar because we have all seen almost 1000 versions of the story so far. It has a unique identity to it, and holds its own even against the classic Disney versions. When you add to that some compelling mechanics, a progressive jackpot, and a more Eastern look to it, you have a hit!

About the Game

This game takes what you are used to seeing across many Disney movies and moves it a little further to the East. It is offered to us byrisk taking developers, which is probably the only provider capable of executing something of this high-quality. It holds itself together with five reels, a progressive jackpot, and multiple bonus rounds. The art style itself is also high-brow. We would argue that we actually like some of the designs here better than some we have seen in feature films.

Slot Game Developer

This development house is similar to Disney. Much like Disney's place in the film industry,risk taking developers has that place in the online slot machine world. It is a provider that is both fair, brakes new ground, sets trends, and has the highest production values you can hope to find. There isn't a single issue with any of their titles. They are at times pixel perfect, even providing enough fine gameplay that tends to be copied elsewhere. If you played similar games elsewhere, they probably got the idea and ripped them off fromrisk taking developers, if they were not also offered byrisk taking developers itself!

Demo Play

No need to put down any real money if you are a mere peasant looking for treasure. If you happen upon the game and can load it up at your web browser, you can enjoy all that it has the offer, aside from the riches that it holds. If you just want to try it out, instantly click on it to spin. You will go through your coins that you are given for free, and although you will not win any real money, you are able to experience everything else here.


The Arabian nights is the original source of inspiration for many tales of this kind. Aladdin was taken from there and popularized by Disney across many feature films. This tale itself was then adapted here in slot machine forum, and given a somewhat more eastern spin to it. The story is that a young boy goes out in search of a genie, and wishes himself to be a prince in order to win over a lovely princess. You won't be able to tell much of that based on looking at the game, you kind of have to know it already. All of the usual elements are there, however, whether it be the Arabian look, or the monkey sidekick that accompanies our hero!

Game Design

This game spared no expense when it comes to putting itself together. Across five reels, it also has a progressive jackpot. The way this works is that, the more you play, the higher the jackpot goes. The more anyone plays for that matter, the higher the jackpot goes! Eventually, some lucky player is going to win it. If that is to be you, all you need to do is keep playing. The jackpots around here are also pretty good, and the coin sizes vary wildly.

Bonus Round

A unique thing here are that there are two bonus rounds on the offer. One of them is called a genie Magic feature, which gives you bunch of scatters across the board to match with anything else. This, as you might expect, comes to you if you match enough of the lamps on the screen. Aside from that, you will also be able to earn free games through the free games feature. These free spins can be used on anything you want, as long as it is a spin. It's kind of self exploratory.

Slot Game Rating

This game is popular, currently ranking at three on the site. Of all of the different risk taking developers titles, this one stands out when you look at it. Although it is not our favorite, users have selected it to be among the top three. It is also appropriate for almost anyone, not having anything gruesome, anything offputting, and being entirely adventurous as far as theme and style goes.

Play for fun

You don't have to put down any real money, much like Aladdin. You were able to simply spin and be mesmerized by it all! Unlike Aladdin, however, you won't magically find your way to riches if you do that. Unfortunately, you do have to actually pay to do that. It is a good way to understand all the game mechanics, and not be caught with your pants down with the free bonus rounds come up.

Play for Real Money

Real money is fun to put down, as real winnings are sure to result. There is only one way to actually win money on the site, and that involves actually taking a risk. Your maximum bet is $25, which across the 25 lines, can yield some sizable rewards.

Mobile Play for Android / iOS

If you want to play this game while taking a poop, driving your car, or anything else you probably should be paying attention while doing, you are more than welcome to from the comfort of your mobile device. All android and iOS devices were designed to be compatible here. Whether you're running in the mobile Safari, chrome, or anything else they have managed to come up with, you can bet this website will load and it will play well. The only thing we will say is that, because the graphics are so great, we do recommend a tablet to appreciate just how much detail went into every single character and background detail on the screen.