Cash Bandits 3 Slots

This is the apex of the series that has earned more than almost any other entry in the series. This series itself is almost the entire reason real time gaming is a household name. At least among people that gamble on the Internet. It is a lavishly drive and wonderfully thought out sequel to the rest of the franchise bearing the same name. If you want something that looks and plays great, and checks all of the boxes that every online slot machine should, this is the one game to add to your list.

About the Game

This is the third entry in the cash bandit series. Brought to you by real time gaming, it is a crime theme game where you are the bandit itself trying to get away from the police after robbing a bank, or something similar. It is hard to keep up with after a while, but it is cops and robbers. It is a five reel game with bonus rounds and progressive jackpot. It also has a wonderful art style.

Slot Game Developer

This title is the one that launched a real time gaming. They are the most trusted name in gambling software when it comes to slot machines online. You will not find another provider that gives you such a range of titles and gives more by offering many bonus features, high production values, and progressive jackpots. They almost invented the modern slot machine game online. You won’t see anyone else doing as good a job with them, and they have a loyal following for a reason.

Demo Play

There is no need to take our word for it. This game will win you over after your first few spins. We are so confident about that you can try it for free! Demo mode is on by default, and is sometimes called instant play elsewhere. As long as the game is loaded on your screen, it is fully functional, even if you have not logged in or put down any money. If you would like to enjoy gambling to its fullest without breaking the bank, we recommend playing in this way.


As we said before, this game is all about cops and robbers. Somebody robs somebody, and it is your job to get away with the money as best you can. It is saved after bank robberies, police officers coming after them, and all of the usual visual troops that go along with it, such as megaphones, donuts, newspapers, and bags of money. They will represent the average lifestyle of someone looking to win money online. Probably willing to steal it if they have to, as long as they thought they could win.

Game Design

This game throws everything in the book at it when it comes to winning you over. It plays across five reels, with progressive jackpot, has 25 lines, and a nice bonus round. It gives you coin sizes that go from a penny all the way up to $.25, and although it has a low maximum bet, the payouts are a lot higher. It relies on you playing for longer to win money, which seems to be the main design strategy they relied on.

Bonus Round

The bonus round here is called the vault feature. In it, you will be tasked with cracking a safe. Should you choose the right thing, the vault opens, and you can get the rewards inside. They range from free chips to big winnings, and include multipliers as well. It is similar to all of the other cash Bandits Games, only this time, it seems to happen more often. If you want something with a little bit more depth, we recommend one of the earlier entries.

Slot Game Rating

This is one of the most highly rated games available on the site. Popularity wise, it ranks about 10th, followed only ahead by other entries of this franchise and other titles by real time gaming. Players themselves tend to prefer different entries of the series, but this one is our personal favorite. Although you can never beat the first time you played an entry in a franchise. This is one of the highest rated slots on the Internet, and if you were only going to play one slot out of every single one you could find, it would be this!

Play for Fun

If you want to enjoy yourself, instant play and don’t put down any money, you can. You don’t login, and you just have a good time. This is a great way to pass the time, or see if the latest entry in the franchise is going to be for you. We start off every game playing in demo mode like this, and only if it proves itself to us, do we switch over to playing for any kind of real sum.

Play for Real Money

If you want to make out like a bandit yourself, putting down real money is the way to go. You can play for fun if you would like, but you will never get the full joy that many players talk about if you don’t put down any real cash. You can start off in small amounts, even just pennies. Overtime you will probably build up, and every once in a while, treat yourself to a more lucrative spin. The amount you bet influences how much you could win dramatically with more obviously equaling better winnings!

Mobile Play for Android / iOS

You can play anywhere if you would like to not miss out on anything. Whether you are on your Apple device, or anything brought to us by Google, it all plays just as well. We tried it out ourselves, and never encountered a single error glitch. All of the games are optimized for smaller screens, although things still look better on larger tablets, such as iPads. You can now gamble anywhere you would like, and win money at any hour of the day, anywhere in the world!