Pulsar Slots

Who doesn’t like space? This is a grid style game that makes gambling seem like it’s actually fun. If you are a fan of innovative gameplay concepts and want to have as much fun as possible in addition to winning money, this game is probably for you. Although the graphics of many of the other elements leave something to be desired, there are only a few other games in the entire world to play anything like this one. We think you are in for a treat!

About the Game

This game is unique in that, in addition to being about space, it has multiple bonus features, six reels, and exists on a grid itself. The pacing of it is quite hectic for that reason. It is not the usual layout you are used to when it comes to gambling. It is also something that makes it more interesting the longer you play. You’re never quite sure where something is going to land, and you’re happy the real time gaming took a risk in making a game so outlandish and out of this world is this!

Slot Game Developer

Real time gaming is the chief provider here. They are known for making some of the best software in the industry. This is one of their titles that, although the art budget is not particularly high, it does offer a quite a bit when it comes to giving a player a return on their time investment. Because it has six reels, it ends up being a fun filled affair, whether or not you’re putting down real money. The return a player also seems quite high, most likely just above the industry standard for return to player.

Demo Play

Because this game is so new and different from all the others, you don’t actually need to pay money to try it out. We would actually recommend trying it out first just to get a feel for it. It is that different looking, it might be a joy to some players to practice when they first start. We think the investment is entirely worth it, however. There is no way to get into this game without giving it a try, and not having to put down any money is a great way to start.


This game falls into the general category of games that are vaguely about space, stars, and stuff out there up in the sky. We can’t say whether or not it is accurate, as we are not that into that sort of thing. We can’t tell you that it all looks great, however, and that there is not much about it we will change.

Game Design

This game is all about looking different and playing differently as well. The space theme lends itself fairly well to that. You have all kinds of globes and planets and stars and astroids going across the screen, across the larger number of reels. This also brings into affect the Cascading wins feature, which gives you an additional way to win because there are just so many ways to match things on the grid of the game. The grid feature in general is what this game is all about. If you don’t think that looks fun, that this probably is not the game for you.

Betting Options

The betting options here go across what you would come to expect from real time gathering. From a penny all the way up to a dollar, usually advancing in five cents or more increments, you can bet as much as you would like. Or as little as you would like, depending on how much risk you want to take! The maximum bet is $20, and if you play long enough, that’s more than enough to add up to a good time. You can win quite a bit with just $20 thanks to the six reels and the cascading wins feature. It might not seem like a lot, but it adds up!

Bonus Round

This game has two bonus rounds. One of them is the neutron stars feature, which functions much like a bonus round you would find in any other game. Once it comes up, you get different bonuses depending on what happens. The cascading wins feature, on the other hand, is a different breed. Based on the grid layout, you could match and get things all across the board in new and unusual directions. This one is probably the most fun part about the game, and the one that sets it apart the most from other titles.

Play for Fun

Because of how new this is, we recommend starting off for fun. In demo mode, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you actually understand what’s going on. At the end of the day most slot games are just about hitting a button again and again, but the mechanics tend to come in while you are putting down money. If you don’t put out any money, then you won’t have much to worry about, and can just get a feel for how it all works.

Play for Real Money

If you’re willing to throw your money out to the stars, this game will reward you in kind. Putting down real money will take advantage of the cascading wins feature, which takes into account all six reels on the board. There is no more innovative features like this in all of online gambling. We think you’ll agree, that putting down money and seeing it align and match across the board in interesting ways is fun in and of itself!

Mobile Play for Android / iOS

No matter what you do, or where are you go, this game can go with you. This is thanks to the wonderfully thought out mobile play feature. Across all devices and mobile providers, you will never find an Internet connection or web browser this will not run well in. The graphics are optimized perfectly for smaller screen sizes, with android phones in particular looking wonderful. It runs just as well within the native mobile app.