Light Speed Slots

Light Speed slot is a 3 reel, one pay line progressive game by RTG. Light Speed features a wild symbol, a bonus round, and a large progressive jackpot that is awarded during the bonus game. The theme is about aliens, outer space and the speed of light. The coin size is fixed at 25 cents and you can bet as many as 3 coins per game.

Only players who wager the maximum bet of $2.25 are eligible to win the progressive jackpot, which is won when you get seven Light Speed meters on the screen and three Light Gun symbols on the pay line. Once the progressive jackpot is won it reseeds at $700.

Symbols used in Light Speed slots include the Robot, which is wild and can replace all other symbols, except the scattered Light Speed symbol. When you get a "Light Speed" symbol on the pay line, the Light Speed meter is increased. Laser guns symbols, aliens, earth, a spaceship, and stars also appear.

Light Speed has a bonus feature available when you wager three coins on a spin, each being the max of 75 cents. In this bonus feature you will see the Light Speed Meter and when you see a Light Speed symbol appearing in a spin, the Light Speed Meter will increase by one bar up to a maximum of 7 bars. Each bar on the Light Speed Meter represents a multiplier, which ranges from 1x to 7x.