IC Wins Slots

If you want a Pixar level of graphical quality, innovative gameplay features, and a oversized amount of reels, you found the best holiday themed game around. This one checks pretty much every single box that we would have if we want to make a great game. It is also innovative in the gameplay department as well, with 4096 different ways to win. Add to that good general features, and you have one of real time giving's best slots!

About the Game

This is an arctic tundra themed game that might even go back in time to the Stone Age. It features caveman looking people, wolves, polar bears, and Siberian tigers. It is the kind of game that looks like it was made based on a feature film, but then you find out that it was actually self contained entirely! We are impressed by it and are not surprised because RTG is one of the biggest names of gaming.

Slot Game Developer

This one comes from the great folks at real time gaming. They seem to have hired DreamWorks itself to come up with the graphics, and a better game designer to make it just as fun as anything you would find at the stores. They are known for their multipliers, respin features, have a high return the player. Although you won't find a progressive jackpot here, they are usually known for that as well.

Demo Play

You don't need to play if you're just looking to give this one a shot. We recommend trying it if only to see how great the graphics look. It is easy on the eyes. We hope that they use this theme as the basis for some kind of animated feature, it is that good! Instantly play it without putting down any money, and see if it's a good fit for you.


Potentially going back in time but going to some sort of Arctic tundra area is the general theme of this game. If you have seen the DreamWorks film Ice Age, imagine that if it had a little more character to it, and it was more about just going around a cold area filled with animals. The main character here is a human, and he looks cro-magnon. Or they could just be how buff you got from having to hike around all the time in the cold trying to get by!

Game Design

This is an area that they also did not skimp on when it came to composing the game. Most games of this kind I have five reels, or the classic three. They manage to throw in six here, and that's because they have enough quality artwork to hold up to it. It also makes the game a little more interesting to play it because you have more ways to match, and jackpots require a little more of you because you would have to match across a wider area. You can match in different directions, however, which according to the 4096 lines to bet on, makes it a little easier to win.


This is where this game shines, with 4096. This is well above the average, and because this is a six reel game, allows you a better chance of matching. Although you would think the more reels the better, that actually decreases your chances. This is compensated for by the higher than average number of lines. This means that, if you get anything in almost any direction, that instantly results in a win! We're happy they did this, and it makes it far more interesting.

Bonus Round

The bonus round here comings in two flavors. One of them is the free spins bonus, which sounds exactly like it is. Every once in a while if you match the right things, you win free spins! Nothing wrong with that, but somewhat simple. There is also the jackpot bonus pack feature, which if you match the correct symbols, will allow you to pick your prize. Hopefully you'll pick a good one, as it can be hard to tell at the time when you are selecting your choice!

Game RTP

This gives you the industry standard return to player, being around 96%, with added lines to bet on.

Slot Game Rating

We give this game one of our highest ratings because of just how high-quality the graphics are, and the fact that they took the time to make the gameplay above average. They didn't have to do that and it still probably would have done just as well on the market. This goes to show that they cared about what they were doing, I wanted to make something that rose above the rest.

Play for Fun or Play for Real Money

Whether you want to play for fun or play for real money, you can do so all within the span of this one game. If you are apprehensive and just want a taste, you don't have to put down a single dollar. You could go and go much like at a Penny arcade, only without the pennies! You don't need to waste any time to do that, either, it instantly defaulting to demo mode which costs no money. If you put down real dollars, the real fun begins, however. Betting up to a high amounts in small increments, you could win quite a bit when it comes to the many different lines that you can win on.

Mobile Play for Android / iOS

Play this game even out in the cold weather because you can access it across all of your mobile devices. You will have a good time on iOS devices, but it works just as well across all of the latest versions of the android operating system. We found that the graphics were tailor made for high-resolution screens. It looks great, almost as if you were watching a movie on your phone, only getting paid for it!