The Big Heist Slots

Can you do it? Can you pull of the Big Heist? Find out in this action-packed progressive video slot game by Real Time Gaming. Realistically, this is a classic slot with three reels and just one pay line, but it is so much more. This slot game does not sport wilds and scatters, players will not miss them one bit because the awesome bonus round makes up for it threefold. Players are welcome to play as much as $15 per spin. The Big Heist slots is available for play on your computer, laptop, or on your mobile venue.

Symbols You Need to Break the Bank

A Badge, a Doughnut, Coffee, a Gun, a Safe dial, and some Sunglasses are the symbols you will use to complete your heist and take home the cash! The Safe dial is the key for the lucrative bonus round. There will be a counter located on the screen and will receive a dial each time you spin a Safe dial. They will accumulate in the counter and all you need is 50 of them to enter the Crack the Safe bonus round. The other way to get there is when you spin three of those symbols at the same time. If you do both, you will receive a 10x bonus on whatever you win in the bonus. Simply spin three of the Donut symbols to win $300.

Crack the Safe Bonus

In the Crack the Safe bonus round, which starts after you get the 50 dials in the counter, your prize is determined by how much you wagered and how many symbols you spun. For example, when betting three coins, the Coffee pays 150 coins and 75 coins for three Pistols. To win the progressive jackpot, you need three Badges with a wager of three coins.