Operation MYOW Slots

Operation M.Y.O.W. slots is a 3 reels and 1 pay line slot game by RTG. There is a lot on offer here like a progressive jackpot and bonus rounds, plus five different games in one. Coin size ranges from 5 cents up to $5.00. You can play from 1 to 3 coins. The biggest prize in Operation M.Y.O.W online slot is worth 5000 coins. There are 35 winning combinations on offer. The theme is about Asian Cats. The best and most unique part of Operation M.Y.O.W. slots is that you can choose your own pay out.

Symbols on the reels include BatCat, Catzilla, a Flower, Kung Fu Kitty, and Lucky Cat. For every spin of the wheel you can choose from one of five pay tables, each with their own name and pay design including Lucky (White), Catman Purple), Kung Fu Kitty (Yellow), Catzilla (Green), and The King (Pink). Each pay table has a different lucky color. There is no wild symbol in this game. The goal of Operation M.Y.O.W is to line up the matching symbols on the pay line, it’s that simple. You can chose choose your own pay table and chose your combinations by only fluctuating between pay tables by clicking on the "Next Pay Table" button.