Crazy Dragon Slots

Crazy Dragon Slots is a three-reel, one pay line game that offers a progressive jackpot that begins at $2000 and is only accessible when you bet the maximum each time, which is $3. The coin values start at $1. This slot game is powered by RTG. Crazy Dragon Slots has a bonus game and a free spins round. Apart from the progressive jackpot the 3 standard jackpot is 3000 coins.

Crazy Dragon symbols include the Dragon, Fireworks, the Pagoda, the Ying-Yang, Koi Carp, and Bonsai Trees. The wild symbol is the Ying-Yang symbol which substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter symbol to complete winning combinations. The Chinese dragon symbol is the bonus symbol. This works where the Chinese dragon symbol is actually split up over 3 reels and each part of the dragon is a bonus symbol.

The Crazy Dragon Bonus Feature is only triggered if you are betting maximum 3 coins. You will win re-spins that are based on which part of the Crazy Dragon you spin. The most important part to get is the Dragon head since if you don't get the head than anything else you get on the other 2 reels gets you no re-spins. The Dragons head appears on the 1st reel, the body appears only in the second reel and the legs and tail only appear in the third reel. How many re-spins you win is decided by how much of the Dragon you get on the pay line.

Get a Dragons Head in reel 1 get 2 re-spins, get a Dragons Head on reel 1 plus the Dragons Body in Reel 2 get 5 re-spins and get a Full Dragon across reels 1, 2 and 3 and get 20 re-spins. If you collect a grand total of 100 free spins you win the Progressive jackpot, which requires gathering free spins while using current free spins.